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Kitten Cosplay Idol Yui Sarina

Japanese Cosplay Sex

If you follow JAV Idols then your all ready familiar with Yui Sarina and her work. If Yui Sarina’s name is new to you, then prepare to fall in love. Today Yui is dressed up like a sexy little cheetah, with furry underwear, ears, and a tail. This shy cosplay sex kitten is getting felt up by a curious and horny man. He fondles her nice shapely breasts and slides her cheetah print panties to the side. He pulls out a big green vibrating dildo and begins teasing Yui with it. Pretty soon he’s ramming Yui Sarina’s cunt with the big green sex toy. She sits on the couch like a good kitty and lets him do anything he wants to her pussy. Watch this cosplay sex kitten purr!

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